The Largest and Grandest Memorial  Garden in Singapore. Designed With  Auspicious Elements Of Geomancy 新加坡最豪华及现代化生命纪念馆 A Six Star Grade Columbarium With Full Air-Conditioning The views and opinions expressed in this website are those of a registered agency of nirvana memorial garden Pte Ltd and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the company.

Teo Zhen Wei – A dedicated professional who has an extensive knowledge in the local  Chinese customs and traditions.

He will be able to provide excellent after sales service on product related matters as well as essential rituals and praying ceremonies.

Service is highest priority for every of our customer who has entrusted us with planning their after life journey.

Do contact Mr Teo if you need to find out more about the packages of Nirvana or want to tour the facilities of our modern Memorial Garden. He will be pleased to answer any of your inquiries.

H/P: 8223 1171

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Adam Foong Kien Tuck – With 12 years in the industry, he has mastered the art of geomancy to ensure proper pre planning are done correctly and timely. A proper pre-planning can bring descendents prosperity and longevity and a total piece of mind for the family

People are sometimes hesitant to pre-plan because they think they're not going to die anytime soon, or they may not like the idea of thinking about their own death and funeral. There may even be some superstition that planning your own final resting place  will somehow bring on a hasty death. However, many people who get over their initial resistance to the idea actually find planning to be a freeing experience.

Pre-planning is an essential and wise practice that's becoming increasingly widely accepted . You are relieving your loves burdensome future responsibilities. And make sure that things are done in the ways you desired.  

H/P: 9171 5576

Pre-Planning Consultant - A Geomancy Master A Chinese Customs/Traditions Consultant