Step 1 : Planning

Step 2 : Transportation

Step 3 : Documentation

Step 4 : Funeral Organisation

Choose from our various Nirvana Life Plan. Our helpful representatives will assist with every need and enquiry.

Nirvana’s professional service staff will assist in securing and transportation of the deceased for preparation before the wake and funeral.

For you and your loved ones’ ease of mind, our representatives will assist in handling the necessary documentations and paperwork

Our professional service staff will arrange the funeral in accordance to the selected Nirvana Life Plan and other agreed requests with minimal involvement from the bereft.

6 Reasons

to entrust Nirvana with your bereavement care needs

Reputation for professional and outstanding service

It is important that you can be able to put your trust in a bereavement care provider with a reputation for professional and outstanding service. With over 30 years of experience in providing top-notch bereavement care and private memorial park operations, Nirvana was founded on the principle that every life deserves to be remembered with respect and the dignity of a proper final send-off. You can be assured that your loved one will celebrated with honour.

Best choices for every need at affordable prices

Your family is as important to us as they are to you. Being an internationally recognised and award bereavement care provider that places great importance on the traditional value of filial piety, we strive to provide you with the best choices in terms of services and products to cater for every need at affordable prices.

Backed by a trust fund managed by independent trustees

Your confidence in us is an investment towards the future security and well-being of your loved ones that we take seriously. That is why Nirvana is backed by a trust fund managed by independent trustees to ensure that no matter what happens, your future needs as well as those of your loved ones will continue to be secured.

Integrated bereavement care services by professionals

Your loved one and family deserve the best timely care. Our integrated bereavement care services will ensure that the needs of your loved one and family are handled quickly by our professionals, all within a single location for a convenient, worry-free experience.

One careline number for immediate assistance

The loss of a loved one is a painful experience but you are not alone. Our service representatives and consultants are ready to render assistance, 24 hours a day all year round. Regardless of where you are, all you have to do is call our careline at 8828 7676

Flexibility of payment

Choices are important to you. Aside from our variety of products and services, we offer convenience through flexibility with our interest-free instalment payment plans. This way, you and your loved ones can always enjoy peace of mind.


How it Works

Funeral Service

We Care . We Provide

F U N E R A L   S E R V I C E 

Nirvana Life Plan

Funeral planning is a complex and sensitive matter. Whether as a pre-plan or an immediate need, knowing where to begin and deciding what needs to be done can be daunting for many, especially for those who have never been directly involved in the planning of end-of-life affairs. With over 30 years of experience in providing award-winning bereavement care services and products, Nirvana Asia understands this challenge.


Nirvana Life Plans aim to ensure the funeral planning process be as hassle-free as possible by combining our best services and products in five easy-to-choose pre-arranged plans. The plans come in different price ranges to address every budgetary concern and are suitable for those of the Taoist, Buddhist and Christian faiths. Our Nirvana Life Plans also have customizable elements so that you can personalise according individual needs.

Aside from making the pre-planning easier for our customers through our Nirvana Life Plans, Nirvana Asia has dedicated service personnel in multiple internationally-certified branches nationwide and a wide network of professional authorised agents who are ever-ready to lend a helping hand.




Embalming Handling & Encoffinment Service


Preparation of Memorial Ceremony


Coordination of Funeral Service & Memorial Ceremony


Funeral Procession Service


Additional Products & Service

With Nirvana Life Plan, we ensure every need is covered in four simple steps so you and your family can focus on grieving and saying goodbye.

Christian Funeral Service

The Bible mentions that when we pass on, we can finally rest for all time. No longer do we need to pay attention to the manmade concept of time or tie down the materiality and ongoings of the world. However, we may never know the real truth until we reach our time.

Christian funerals are often solemn and dignified affairs. They offer a space to celebrate the life once lived by the deceased, whilst allowing the congregation of family and friends to support one another through one of the most challenging times of their lives. Most funeral processes in Singapore follow a common sequential pattern – a pattern that we are very familiar with. As the preferred Christian funeral director in Singapore, planning a Christian funeral is hassle-free if you plan it with us.

Trusted Christian Funeral Director Singapore

When grieving, the concept of time holds no weight. Amidst the pain and disorientation, finding the motivation to carry on living like we used to may seem like a herculean task. During such a time, planning a Christian funeral service can feel almost unbearable.

Taosit Funeral Service

It’s not common knowledge, but Buddhism also has a role in the Taoist religion. It holds a significant influence over its practices, traditions and rituals – funerals included. Similar to a Buddhist funeral procession, a funeral director is present to offer advice and guidance to the bereaved family. Moreover, they will also help to manage and organise the funeral arrangement to ensure the process proceeds smoothly.

Engage with our Taoist Funeral Services to organise all the necessary funeral arrangements required for a Taoist funeral. Our consultants are not only familiar with the funeral rites and customs, but are also backed by years of experience as well! Speak to us to find out more.

Similar to Buddhist funerals, Taoist funeral rites require the deceased’s body to be cleaned using a wet towel and talcum powder. Afterwhich, they would be dressed in the nicest cloth; this cloth comes in all sorts of colours except red.

That is not all. Our Taoist funeral service director will also assist in the organising of the funeral feast once the burial process is over. Put your trust in us; we are good at what we do.

Taosit Funeral and Customs

Buddhist Funeral Package

Buddhist funerals always holds this sturdy credence; birth, old age, and sickness. It all translates to preparation for the next life. The ceremony contributes to the peaceful departure of the deceased from one life to another. It is, therefore, important to hire an experienced Buddhist funeral director.

With years of experience arranging Buddhist funerals in Singapore, we are well-versed in organising a dignified tribute for bereaved families. Trusted by many, Buddhist funerals are made easy with us. At Nirvana Funeral Services, we ensure you pay an economical price but get premium settings. Many industry players will upsell their funeral packages or pushing for you to upgrade your funeral packages. With us, it is not necessary. We have everything in-house. That is why we are much cheaper because we do not outsource our work. 

Unique to the Buddhist religion, samsara is a concept that serves as the fundamental in all Buddhist teachings. Samsara is a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth, and it will only end once one achieves enough good karma and eventual enlightenment to reach nirvana. Death marks the beginning of a samsara cycle, and the quality of life thereafter is predetermined by the quantity and quality of karma that has been accumulated within one’s lifetime. 

Following Buddhist beliefs, the funeral ritual starts with the bathing of the body, and later clothed to prepare for the funeral. The funeral itself is meant to be simple yet dignified, as an expression of bereavement.

During the funeral procession, Buddhist monks will chant sutras to lesson one’s bad karma and aid the deceased in the transitioning into their next life. Such a display goes beyond mere traditions; it’s a final meaningful act of love, an act to achieve peaceful closure for bereaved families and also aid the dearly departed in their journey into the afterlife. It also serves as a good reminder of the transient nature of life.

Buddhist Funeral And Customs

White Ladies

For the purpose of safeguarding the dignity of departed female loved ones, Nirvana Singapore is proud to present the first ever professional female service team in Singapore to facilitate and manage all necessary bereavement care arrangements. The team features female embalmers, beauticians, masters-of-ceremony and more to accord your grandmothers, mothers and daughters with the highest possible respect and honour for total peace of mind.

Careline : 88287676

Careline : 88287676


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